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This all started when I wanted to experiment with Fabi's "sheers"... but although they work fine on Dawn, after I had added some "heightened sss" to Alisha's skin, I loved the look of her bare legs more, so took them off. (FYI: Fabi's sheers CAN be used on Dawn, even the "toe caps"- as long as you do NOT parent them, just apply the pose to them, and carefully move into place! ;)

HiveWire's Dawn with Mirella's ML_Alisha (head AND body morph! (HiveWire)
iLona's Poses for Dawn- "SuperSexy" (Rendo)
SAV's Aram hair (Rendo)
Dawn Intimates Lingerie by esha,  RPublishing with Dreamlace by renapd (Rendo)
Fabiana's LeafLife - Sophia (ring and pendent) (Rendo) and LeafLife2 for Dawn's corded necklace (HiveWire)
Fabiana's Essential Rugs  (Rendo)
Ultimate Bed by Powerage with Fabiana's Essential Blankets - Rose pattern applied to the 'sheet' of the bed! (scaled down by 50%)  (Rendo)

Jane Eden's Cats/Kittens (YurDigital)
The Great Room (my old standby for interior rooms!) (DAZ)
Little fancy bottles on the windowsill are from DAZ a long while back.

Ball of yarn was a freebie morphing prop, can't remember where I got it, sorry!
Background is a bit of sky from Deadhead?s "Dreamy landscapes".  (Rendo)

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop



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