Leafy Seahorse
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HiveWire Horse with my "home-made" leafy seahorse texture and tendrils
as well as fins, etc. I love the real life 'leafy seahorses' and wanted to make one
with the HW horse... I worked for days and days, cutting out a public domain leafy
seahorse photo and actually mapping the stripes onto Harry...oddly, it worked in one
go, without any stretching or compressing one would normally run into mapping horse
hair onto this model. I have no idea why that was...what took time was cutting the leafy
"branches" out from a dark background in the photo and then creating my own look for
this creature. It took me days and days and days.... !
(while waiting anxiously for the fantasy seahorse add one for Harry)

Sveva's Aquatica Background & Lights (Rendo)

LisaB's kelp (caustics added in post) (HW)

~both changed in hue, and caustics added~

Fish from DAZ

as always: Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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