Lazy Hazy Days of Summer
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HiveWire's Dawn SE (out of the box)
Fabi's Alanis hair (fit for Dawn)

3D player's dynamic floral dress (Rendo)
One thing I've found that helps with seating a figure in a chair,
when using a dynamic dress - it's better to sit the figure on a simple
BOX from poser's primitives! After you perfect the pose (and save it)
for the chair you will use, run the simulation using that simple box!
Start with the box the same size the seat of the chair, but make sure it is
deep enough so the dress/skirt does not try to envelope the box in back...
I also set the frames to 45 when I set up the sim, so it
helps the skirt settle even nicer!

Once the dress looks right, remove the box and replace with the chair.

Sitting Pose based on one of Island Girls, then modified.

HiveWire house cat with CWRW's calico and white, and my free tabby fur
I do love this cat! :)

Songbird Remix Ken's Eurasian Jay

LisaB's Palm Pot with Fabi's pottery texture (modified by me)
with LisaB's Hydrangeas (one of my MOST favorite Lisa flowers!)

Exem's glass (Rendo)

BlueTree Studio's Italian Street
(I must admit I spent more time doing post on the building
the bump in poser 2014 was default- much too high, and the back
of the chair canvus looked like the stucco wall till I removed the bump,
I made seams fit better, etc. It's not all parented, making it hard to move
around to get the view I wanted...I finally just moved the camera, then adjusted
the lighting to go with it all. Still not happy with the entire piece, but whatever-
it's done....moving on to something else.

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights (Rendo) & Photoshop

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