The Last Cub
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The Last Cub    

Despite deceptive beauty all around,
She is now attentive to every sound.
This young cougar mother has just learned,
Of all the risks where cubs are concerned.

In this world so fraught with dangers,
Hard lessons come from such failures,
So now, with a glare, she warns: beware!
Clearly, her remaining cub is her only care.
~Lyne's Creations


HiveWire's Cougar and Cub by Chris/Paul with textures by CWRW
CGcubed's poses- tweaked by me
(Edges of coat brushed out in post)

Set in the "Sagebrush Habitat" by Songbird Remix Ken (HW)
(the ground is Flink's Ultimate Ground with Ken's ground material applied)
I used some of it's rocks/pebbles to cut out and place in front of toes to help
set the animals in - although they were rendered on the ground in poser, I still
like to add details like that via post work. I also went a bit bonkers with post work
on the sagebrush plants- as I wanted fully blooming blossoms instead of buds,
 and more leaves on one plant.  The "blue belly lizard" on the rock & the Moths
are also from Ken's "Natures Wonders" - Lizards & Moths.
I also used Ken's Sparrows  (HW)

The sky is from PhotoGG's Blue Skies Beyond the Clouds (HW)

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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