The Lady In Spain
Copyright Lyne's Creations April 2017 ~ All Rights Reserved

HiveWire's DawnSR2 - Sora skin with Lully's "Polly" face morph
from her set:
Lully's Head Morphs for Dawn (HW)

She wears Lully's
dynamic Flamenco Outfit
with evil innocence's "Ladies Night Margarita Dress
" (HW)
*dress was formerly sold at RDNA*
I made the dress's straps and collar invisible (making a new trans map) to use it with this top.
I used Lully's materials for her Dynamic clothing line.
Dawn's "stockings" are from Fabiana's Essential Sheers (Rendo)
Dawn's Platform Pumps

Fabiana's Rhapsody Hair with Dawn fit (Rendo)
Fabiana's Espiritu Bohemio earrings, ribbon necklace
(and another of the same earrings as a pendant)
I applied Lully's red satin to the necklace ribbon as well.
(necklace is V4's, saved as new prop, fitted to Dawn)

Her ring is from Fabi's
Bohemio rings for V4.

HiveWire's Housecat & kittens
Poses for Mamma and baby are from Daio's pose set:

HomeLife For the HW House Cat and Kitten (HW)
Daddy cat's pose comes with Housecat (base poses by CG Cubed-Paul)

Ken Gilliland's SongbirdRemix- Sparrows (HW)

Building is from DAZ- Spanish Rose -- Chalet de Sevilla (says Daz original now,
I believe it was made by Redhouse Studios)  It was difficult to use, until I parented the parts,
exported from Poser as an obj (with almost all boxes checked) and imported to save as new
prop. The textures don't hold up for close ups so well, so are not as sharp as I'd have liked.

I used a Howie Farke's Carrara background (rendered by Rendo Merchant) -
 from the "Beautiful Meadows" set by Moonchild-ljilja

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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