Jeweled Beauties
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Centauress created using Dawn SR1 with "Elisa" skin by Maelwenn from HiveWire.
I have never before, or since seen skin for Dawn that looks SO real...It's sad Maelwenn
didn't do more skins/characters for Dawn (she has some at DAZ- I plan to convert her Angel for V4!)

She wears OOT's Spring Bride Hair,
(Rendo) and
Lully's dynamic Alice dress with pink color from Fairy Tale material &
Delicate Meshes material applied to the lace by
Atenais (Rendo)

Her staff is made with an older modified staff and one of Exnem's Seashells ... (Rendo)

Fabi's V4 Celtic circlet  plus  her "V4 Winter Whirl" bracers (converted by me to Dawn)
"Droplets jewelry" necklace for Dawn - Sorry, I can't remember where I bought it.
Minyassa's Soul Eyes from HW for both ladies
HW Horse part of the Centauress has the "Red Dunskin" coat by CWRW.

Mermaid is also Elisa skin on DAWN SE with my added facial features dialed in,
She wears SAV's Electra hair with PHC : SAV Electra by digiPixel hair color.
Fabi's Rhapsody earrings, hair "pearl strands" & Bracelet, color modified by me.
Supernova's bijoux twisted delight necklace with colors from
 BijouxAnew-TwistedDelight Accessorize! by -renapd, modified by me.
all but the character-skin is from Renderosity.

Mermaid tail and top is the old, but still beautiful, Lost Realms mermaid from DAZ

Songbird Remix Ken's Western Gulls and Long-billed Dowitchers (HW)

Background is from
by Sevea. (Rendo)

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights (Rendo) & Photoshop

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