Inner Beauty; A Reflection of Me

Copyright Lyne's Creations April 2013  All Rights Reserved

Inner Beauty; A Reflection of Me

Continually looking to others for my own identity,
Relating as a daughter, a wife, or a Mother only,
Utterly lost when these roles fell away from me,
Never able to find my own sense of serenity,

I was living my life so completely codepenedently,
Until now unable to see that I'm my art, my art is me,
And realize my gift of singing my heart through poetry,
I can see that my purpose in life truly is my creativity.

My very existence is healing, as I'm becoming more free,
Aspiring to share my beauty from within, with all of humanity.
~Lyne's Creations

This piece actually has come out of my emotional healing processes, along with the gift
of loving support from the one person who has stood by me for nearly 40 years now...
(and many lifetimes before)... so I am dedicating this art and poem to this person: he knows who he is.
I am SO determined to face the garbage of my life, and to grow up/out from it! 
 In many ways, I have to - to save my life, both physically and emotionally.
Finding my purpose from within ME, instead of looking to others, is vital for my successes
in my journey.  (and yes, I know it IS the journey, not the end that is important!)