Indian Princess
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I love the "coming in the near future" Flint_Hawk creation: An Indian princess character
for Dawn, as well as a complete wardrobe for her!!   This is the gorgeous white and turquoise set...
You will need several HiveWire products to use the clothing... in this one I used:
Dress: Dynamics 09 for Dawn - Anarkali Dress and Scarf by Lully
Choker for Dawn by Photo GG (also coming soon-I've been beta testing this and it will be submitted
to HiveWire....George's choker will be a gorgeous Cameo and plain materials and of course is used by Flint)
Moccasin: Dawn's Universal Boots by Christopher Creek Art & CGCubed at HiveWire3D
And the sets have a wonderful range of feathers- Indian fans, hair decorations and single feathers too!

Her hair is the Sporty Pigtails by OOT (sooo pretty even with the base colors!!) (Rendo)

I used CWRW- Laurie's sorrel pinto for this close up (since my Indian ponies are low rez)
TACK: Daio's Native Costume tack for the Mil Horse - Fitted to the HW horse with
Tack Conversion Kit for HiveWire Horse  with some post work... Daio is
working on a new version for Harry, with new textures... though her old ones hold up well!

I also used the sky from the background set
"Piles of Cotton" by PhotoGG   (HW)

I used Songbird Remix Ken's
Flock Formations for the crows
Ron's Bird Brushes for the raptors in the farther distance
Noggen's Clipper Butterfly

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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