A Vue of Impalas
Copyright Lyne's Creations April '01
All Rights Reserved

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I am still new to Vue d'Esprit 3.1, and all it can do... but when I saw the "African
Umbrella Acacia Trees" in the Vegetation Bundle, I was thrilled!  I love even Vue's
default lighting, the shadows, and the oh so realistic skies!!  I finally found a home for
my new original Impala models that I had been developing for over 6 months!

  I am happy that a project that took me so many months finally came to fruition just as Vue 3
came into my life..... a "real" world for the Impala (and gazelle) models I worked for so long on.
It was my goal to make them as realistically mapped and as anatomically correct as possible.  
I offer my  "Ready Pose Impala Models" at our on line store - Vista Internet Products.  
If you would like to go direct to the Impala store page, and learn all the details, click here.