Winter Hunters
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I worked for HOURS/DAYS on this piece, and I'm kinda happy with it! :)

Dusk (CWRW Rodrigo for Dusk with "Jackson" head morph) is out hunting on this winter day!

CWRW Textures for Universal Boots

CWRW "pinto" from her Ultra Textures for the HiveWire Horse Pack 2
Her textures grace the Western Tack for the HiveWire Horse too!

I took a bit of Laurie's leather for the saddle map into Photoshop and fashioned a "rifle scabbard"... I mean, he's got to have his bedroll and thingy to hold the rifle, right? I "fastened" both on with bits of the reins...Questor's Remington rifle... his weapons can't be subdivided, but hold up pretty darn well I think! The bedroll (I modeled with the Poser warp tool) with parrottdolphin's Linin material... I fixed up the end with post work to make it look like a ROLLED UP bedroll...

Starting with Dusk's Bomber Jacket I applied Fabiana's BLANKET material (with it scaled down 50%) for a plaid hunting jacket! :) Her materials are SO USEFUL!! :)

Using CWRW Classic Denim for the Dusk Skinny Jeans, I darkened down them with a shade of gray in the material room... Then I applied a texture to Dusk's hands to TRY and look like gloves. 

Dusk's HiveWire universal hat (with CWRW Classic Hats for the HiveWire 3D Cowboy Hat) again darkened with shade of gray) with Flint_Hawk's beaded hat band.

Then to make the scene "come alive" I used Ilona's bunny (made all white) ...can you find it? :)   as well as Ken Gilliland's Red Tailed Hawk (Songbird ReMix Birds of Prey Vol 3 Mini-Set - Hawks of the U.S.)  Red Tailed Hawks are so common over most of the US and Canada...I've seen them "in person" myself. :)

Background is from Enchanting Winterland Vol 2 by Laksmi (no longer sold), with the sky and one tree cut out, and added one "XFrog billbord tree" (on the right) and then finally, inserted a sky photo by commission by my good friend: 
George Gregory  I added a snow layer by Laksmi on top.

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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