Hummingbird Kiss
Copyright Lyne's Creations April 2003 All Rights Reserved

KoshiniHummerKiss.jpg (87793 bytes)
Koshini Sugar & Spice finds a special friend in the RDNA Hummer!
Hummingbird wears Judith's fantasy texture. Koshini wears ZuZu textures,
Rena's Koshini Gang clothing textures. Post for background, & to add to Kosh's
little wings. (add noise, then a tiny bit of EyeCandy Fur, with some blending)
A tiny bit of blending and brushing around the hummer's outline. One trick to
setting a poser render "into" a photo background is to blur the edges of the
figures - for example, Kosh's far arm/hand, edges of her pants, etc. This also
helps to further anti-alaise a poser render that has been copied and pasted.