Lady Paloma of The Horse Whisperer Clan
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I named this lovely Dawn Centaur "Paloma" for her equine coat and
because it is derived from Latin "palumbus" which means Dove; a symbol of Peace.

Dawn wearing the Elisa skin, OOT's Catharina hair, and the top, bracers and belt
from Seraph by Rhiannon with a material from "Guardian" for Seraph by kaleya (Rendo)

The HiveWire horse with Cream Draft coat, and The mare she is leading is the new Dun
Grulla horse coat by CWRW. For the foal, I lightened up the gray Grulla coat and removed
some of the stripes because that seems to be what the Grulla foals look like.
I used Daio's horse poses and tweaked to suit, and Laurie's foal poses tweaked.
I also often use Daio's SHOW OFF set to have better control of the horse's mane and tails.
Both are also brushed out, in post work. Halter on the mare is by AVM from HW. Lead
is from a very old beta lead rope by Daio that she gave me to beta test and enjoy.

Songbird Remix Ken's White-browed Scrub Robins that live in Africa - on the savannah...
and his Red-billed Oxpecker's fly in the distance. Also Ken's ants (ant lines) march across the rocks,
plus Common Speckled Flunky Moth flits around.
Ken's Eurasian Hobby - bird of prey - flies in the distance.
I also used Ken's Common Fence Lizard (the only critter not native to Africa, but coloring
was what I wanted for this image).

Environment was created with multiple pieces from different sets, from two sets -
ShaaraMuse3D's Sandy Retreat for the far background and shrubs.
Foreground is from The Wasteland by vikike176.

Sky is once again Piles of Cotton by PhotoGG from HiveWire.

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights (Rendo) & Photoshop

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