Hope Chest
Copyright Lyne's Creations December 2001  All Rights Reserved.

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Bryce 4 with Poser's dog -my great dane-, kid, Sam's 3D rocking horse,
SnowFire Graphics doll, Ray Dream's christmas fireplace mapped by me,
Laurie's "tassel rug" Bryce fir tree with plain 'ole Bryce foliage preset,
and the reason for this image in the first place - the Hope Chest model I
was beta-testing..!  I wanted to see if the lid would open and then started
thinking of reasons it would be open... and this entire image was born!
The fireplace is a 2D pic from Poser since it is very complex to try and
bring into Bryce.  This room is all inside a Bryce primitive hollow box with
only two lights. One for the room and one for the main candle.  I learned
SO much about Bryce's light editor now, inspired by the new knowledge
of "UN-CHECK the gamma correction" in the Bryce settings!! Gosh, does
that help to get rid of a lot of the "washed out" look of a Bryce scene, and
one reason I have not Bryced much since Bryce 3!  Now I feel I have new
inspiration to use Bryce, now that the mapping shows up much better!! Of
course one always has to turn off the **** ambience of the maps on
many of Bryce's materials.  Oh, the wrapped packages have a Bryce pre-
set material - one of the holiday metals - with the transparency turned off.
The green carpet is one of the preset terrain materials.. forget which... my
personal feeling is that if it is Bryce, I would like to try using a Bryce preset
material (with tweaking as needed!) rather than an outside material.  (the
Bryce woods defiantly do NOT come under this preference.. they are terrible)
I did use photoshop for a tiny bit of post.. the dog's back legs/haunches
some other very minor things.. little glow added to fire place candles and
a teeny bit of "contrast" to pump up the color and 3D effect.

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