Wishing You a Warm Old Fashioned Holiday!

warmholidays.jpg (103185 bytes)

Many thanks to Serge for the dress, Judith Ward for the dress texture,
wonderful Cleo Power  Hair by Harvey, (baby hair is post work)
SAMS3D for the hobby horse, the creator of the "KidCatSuit" and last
but never least, Laurie for the beautiful tassel rug!  The fireplace is from
Ray Dream, mapped by me.  This image was rendered in Poser 4 and post
done in photoshop.  I gave up the idea of doing a complete indoor scene with
all these items, when vue balked at the 32 MB fireplace and all it's decorations
and the baby with the cat suit (a figure) turned black.  I just do not have the time
and patients required to fight my applications, so I took the easy (and FUN) way!

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