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HiveWire3d has come out with the BEST model horse on the market,
and now we have a FOAL!  Lower left is the HiveWire Foal, and
Lower Right is my own vintage Bone China Arabian Foal by "Josef Originals"
that I got a very long time ago, at Disneyland, California! I photographed
him, cut him out in Photoshop and brought him into this scene! 
One of the "Foal Poses" by CWRW reminded me of my china foal,
so I tweaked that pose a little more to match it for fun!
In the top/middle is the HiveWire TOON Horse by 3d Universe, with
the default realistic horse coat on him. The great poses that are for
the Toon horse make great mane and tail positioning, and CWRW's
new "Expressions for the HiveWire Horse" pack are great!
Horses Rendered in Poser 9, and entire scene was put together in Photoshop.

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