High Born Lady
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HiveWire's Dawn SE
with Fabiana's Oriana character, Rhapsody Hair for Dawn (Rendo
Victorian riding outfit is made up of parts from different sets:
Hat/Veil from Lady Little Fox's A3 Infamous outfit (DAZ)
Blouse under Jacket is from Ken1171's Office Lady (HW)
Equestrian Jacket & boots by Glitterattie (HW)
Skirt is Sunfire's Dynamic skirt from her set of skirts (HW)
NOTE: Sunfire's dynamic skirts cooperated the very best
to fall around Dawn's body and the saddle, though I did some
post to the saddle back, and lengthened it's blanket.

HW Horse model by Chris Creek,  CGcubed (Paul) & CWRW (Laurie) (HW)
(HW) Classic saddle and bridle by Fab3D, Chris Creek
& CGcubed (Paul) with texturing by CWRW 

Morgan body shape dialed in by my friend Flint_Hawk
Horse's mane and tail posed using Daio's Show Off set (HW)
I can't get the mane and tail to look good unless I use Daio's set-
I love it!! I also sub-divide the mane and tail to at least 1 or 2

pose for both is by me

Background is a render done in Carrara Pro using Howie Farke's
Byodo Inn set (the lawn area behind the building) (DAZ)
(color adjusted - renders out of Carrara of Howie's are always super saturated)

Tree branch in upper right (I made it's shadow) is from Shutterstock Images
I gave up on rendering a good looking foreground branch in Poser and bought
some nice branch photos by searching for "tree branch isolated" at Shutterstock!

Flowering plants are Lilies by LisaB with NapalmArsenal's textures (HW)

Songbird Remix Ken's hummingbirds, Blue Jay's and Scrub Jay (HW)
The 2 hummingbirds are in the lower left.  ;)

Noggin's Monarch butterflies

as always: Fabiana's Warm & Soul Lights
Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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