Hey Mister....Wanna Dance?

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Dawn is ready to do the two step with her brand new HiveWire high heel cowboy boots!
I love this set of boots and add on textures by CWRW, both of which inspired me to do this piece.
I used SAV's Aphana Bangs for her hair (two copies) to go nicely under the HiveWire Cowboy hat.
I did mess with the color of the hat in post to bring it more in line with the brown shade of the boots.

Dawn is OOT's Laureen character (Rendo) and Pose is from DM's Pretty Dawn (Rendo)
She wears the "Pleated" skirt (HiveWire) with parrotdolphin's floral material.
Her top is the camisole from OOT's Dawn Wardrobe with parrotdolphin's linen material,
tinted the matching blue by me.

Dawn wears Fabi's bracelet for V4, with Shades of Earth 2 gem material by Sveva (both at Rendo). 
I exported the conforming prop bracelet, with most of the export boxes checked, then re-imported the obj again,
and carefully placed it on her wrist, applying Fabi's metal shader and Sveva's Shades of Earth 2 to it's gem to match.
(this is a quick easy way to delete the parented, remembered, conforming information of the bracelet,
allowing me to move it into place more easily.)

Background is from SteamDreamz by Bez (Rendo)
I added a layer of matching color beaded curtains (Fabiana) to go with the background beads to add depth.
The spittoon is an older high quality prop Freebie by Ness, with Fabi's metal shaders applied, tweaked by me.
Poser 2014 & Photoshop
Lights by Fabiana (always MeterHigh, Mild Boreal or Warm&Soul)
(I tweak the lights to suit, as well as any pose I use.)


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