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Dusk as Rodrigo as Zorro!
HW cowboy hat
shirt/pants from Dusk outfit I was given permission to play with
HW universal boots (made taller on the leg with post work)
Cape is the old V4 cloak from DAZ
Gloves are M4 Fantasy Ranger gloves (two sets, opposite one made invisible, and placed/posed)
All materials are from parrotdolphin's Dark Mats modified by me

HW horse with a bit of Arab and Quarter horse breeds dialed to suit.
mane and tail from CWRW's 2D mane & tail sets (HW)
I used the CWRW Friesian coat. I used the HW "Classic Tack",
modifying the saddle blanket, stirrup and it's strap in post.

Flinks Ultimate ground with Lisa B's Simmering Summer texture D
Modified by me in post. Grass is Dead Grass from RDNA (years back)
Mouse is Rendo Freebie
Butterflies are Noggins from DAZ

Piles of Cotton Clouds with bottom distant trees from PhotoGG's Cathedral Skies set
I rotated one of the Cotton Cloud skies to suit the look I wanted.

Ken's Golden Eagles (HW) soar in the sky

I used a D3 19th century SCARF for his face mask (LOTS of post work)
 and also for his belt/sash! The sword is from Questors weapons,
BUT it's scabbard is from the Fantasy Ranger I think...just rendered and took off
 one of the scabbards - very nice ones made by Xurge. LOTS of post to assemble this piece!

Want a laugh? 2 OLD images of Zorro with M4 and the mil horse can be seen here!

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