Here Come The Kittens!
Copyright Lyne's Creations February 2017 ~ All Rights Reserved

The new HiveWire Kitten is finally here! Yay! Paul's (CG Cubed) poses for the kitten are SO cute!
The first one after "Mom" is his, and I modified another for the other two kittens...
I put the Gray & Orange tabby maps on two and and my Freebie "Travis" map on the middle one.
I used the Great Room, with a more reflective floor (via the material room),
LisaB's Potted Palm.  Lully's Freebie cat toy ball. 
I have Songbird Remix Kens Sparrows and my own Freebie Rooster looking in...
The background is a Carrara render from Howie Farkes.

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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