Santa's Little Helper
Copyright Lyne's Creations November 2016 ~ All Rights Reserved

Inspired by the new "Little Red wagon" model: Christmas Wagon by coflek-gnorg
and although the handle is WAY TOO LONG (and can not be shortened on the wagon itself)
 the model is so well made, it was worth doing some separate renders to layer in a shorter
handle for this idea.  I created a trans map to block out one of the wrapped boxes
(all the boxes/gifts are one piece of mesh) so I could put the HiveWire House Cat in the wagon.

Diva, (for Dawn) by Pendraia Fae (HW) wears her dynamic Party Dress by Lully
 and uses Fabiana's KiriTe Hair. Her shoes were a challenge. I used TWO SETS from the
older K4 Regency outfit. One shoe carefully sized and placed for her right food,
with the left shoe invisible, and vise versa to get the second shoe "on" her foot.
(An illusion, the shoes do not really fit), then I applied Lully's red and gold velvet
to the shoe parts and darkened the sole via the Poser material room.

Shadowing done by me in photoshop, along with some extra sparkles for the character's eyes.

Background is from Sveva's Christmas Wonderland. I did add an ornament
from moonbeam1212's 2D holiday set, sizing and darkening it to be placed here
and there on the tree, and "lit correctly" for the background. (the tree in this
background had nothing but a few gingerbread men on it).

The stocking I used is cut out and layered in from the Christmas Dream backgrounds by Moonchild-ljilja

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop


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