Happy Halloween

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It's a bit harder to do a black long hair cat, as it looses some of the 3 dimensional look.
I did some post work to lighten and darken various areas of the cat's fur.  I did a lot of
post work to create the face on the pumpkin and try to get that to look like it was really
carved out, and added flame inside with a filter. Note the tiny pumpkin I put "in" the
window of the house in the background.

Long hair "Clancy Cat" using Tiny's Fluffy cat for the mil cat (HiveWire3d)
Jane Eden's Spooky Places background (YurDigital)
Deerpath's pumpkins (RDNA)
Ron's Spiderweb brushes (DAZ)
added spiders on two of the webs. Sorry I
can't remember where I got that specific spider.
Noggin's Fireflies (DAZ)
Bats by Silverkey (DAZ)
(using the original gray bat texture by changing the settings in the material room of poser).
Poser 9 & Photoshop


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