Gypsy Romance
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CWRW's Rodrigo (both Dusk figures) and Jenny for Dawn by Tempesta3d (HW)
play their parts in this Gypsy camp scene. Dusk wears Lully's *FREE* "DarcyDusk" dynamic pants/shirt
to which I added parrotdolphin's Color Riot-bandana material and Lully's velvet on the pants part. I used
V4's riding boots by Idler168  PLACED (not conformed) on dusk to give the illusion he's wearing them.
I used SAV's Andes hair (Rendo) on the Dusk dancing, and the Dusk playing the Lute uses the hair/morph
of the Rodrigo texture map with the hair morph he comes with.
The sash on the Dusk dancing is a 2D element by Napalm Arsenal, modifying the shape and colors.

I guess I got the Lute to go with M4, and it had poses that work well with Dusk...
but can't remember the product or merchant who made the Lute...also,
I had to clone the strings off and re-create them in Photoshop to look right....

Dawn is wearing Lully's Handkerchief Skirt and Gypsy top (HW) with Atenais's Fairy Tail material
DM's Pretty Sandals for Dawn (Rendo) - to which I applied the same material to the sandals to match.
Her hair is SAV's Dynasty Hair that has a fit for Dawn. (Rendo)

The two dancers use the "Let's Dance Ballroom Poses for Dawn & Dusk" by Pommerlis (HW)
Gypsy Vanner draft horses by CWRW for the HW Horse

Gypsy Wagon by Ryverthorn (HW) I did exchange the wagon top material with Linen by Parrotdolphin
LisaB's Simmering Summer texture on Flink's Ultimate Ground, LisaB's Black eyed Susan plants and
some grass clumps scattered around. Lisa's products are HiveWire, Flink's is from Rendo.

Background is a combination of PhotoGG's Diamond Skies, Hang the Moon and a suggestion of trees
behind LisaB's "Heart of the Matter" tree is a modified part of PhotoGG's Piles Of Cotton sky set. (HW)

Ken Gilliland's Decorated Beauty Moths (HW) fly about Traveler's Camp Fire set, adding the
fire myself, using Eye Candy 4K. Smoke is from "Detail Smoke Brushes" by Ron (DAZ) for Photoshop.


as always: Fabiana's Lights (Warm&Soul with one extra colored Rim Light) in Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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