Cast Off Doll

Lyne's Creations copyright November 2012, All Rights Reserved


Cast Off Doll

I still simply can not even begin to comprehend,
How his devotion for me could come to an end.
I sit with no answers like a thrown away doll,
Unexpectedly unimportant, discarded to fall.

In my utter trust I was caught completely off guard,
Consequently, is it any wonder I fell so very hard?
After a whole life without being sincerely loved,
I'd felt he was special, an angel sent from above.

I went from great heights of adventure and joy,
To the darkest desolation, like that rejected toy.
I am afraid of being social, I fear being refused,
My anger flashes if I even THINK I'm being used,

You probably wonder why I continue to question,
So I would ask you give it a bit of consideration,
Being in love that intensely, bonding completely,
When that's ripped apart, cuts horribly deeply.

I aspire to be cheerful, but when no one is looking,
My sad feelings of confusion are quietly simmering.
I often shut down my emotions as a way to survive,
Though a person without feelings is not really alive.