If Only To Dance

Lyne's Creations copyright October 2012, All Rights Reserved

If Only To Dance  ....

a true story for my dear departed Aunt
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Feelings in my family were never expressed,
But it was Aunt Margaret that I loved the best.
She was the person I tried the hardest to please,
When she asked I addressed her as Aunt Louise.

I still regret all the limits our relationship had
My Aunt was perpetually withdrawn and sad.
I do know her greatest dream in life was ballet.
She was driven to practice very hard every day.

She came so close to achieving her dream,
Then arthritis hit, how could life be so mean?
She suffered in silence while hoping someday,
A little girl she had taught would succeed in ballet.

As she became aware of my growing spirituality,
She struggled with what she had kept in secrecy.

She confided in me that she felt so very strange,
And frightened as her world blurred and changed.
She appeared to be standing in another land entirely,
Oaks became aspens, with leaves fluttering brightly.

She felt she was in Russia, how could this be?
She wanted to confirm her experience's reality.
I was touched that she had given me the honor,
of sharing that which she had shared with no other.

Years later in life when I came for a long visit,
She spoke quite oddly, as she began to exhibit,
The actions of someone who was going away,
I was confused at what she was seeming to say.

As I left that visit, she looked directly into my eyes,
Gave me a warm hug and clearly bid me Good Bye.

It was just a few hours after my return home,
that I received that terrible call on my phone,
She had been struck down, was not expected to live,
I hurried back up there, so my good byes I could give.

Rushing to her bedside, my thoughts were confusing,
As I considered the language that I'd heard her using,
I was shivering with the knowledge that I was receiving,
Realizing she'd known on some level she was leaving.

I stood beside her bed in that horrible place,
and looked for some sign of life on her face.
Seeing none, I closed my eyes, just let myself feel,
And then I became aware of her soul, so very real.

In a whisper I said, you have nothing to fear,
You are free now, free to GO on from here!
I continued to assure my dear Aunt Louise,
It's really okay, Go to the light, you are free!

I surrounded her with all my love, all of my light,
In my mind's eye, I envisioned a beautiful sight,
You're now free to fly, you finally have the chance,
Be the ballerina you are, You can now truly dance!

                   ~Lyne's Creations