Goodbye Second Life

Lyne's Creations copyright October 2012, All Rights Reserved

Good By to Second Life

In spite of my ill health, Second Life really could give,
A place to exist normally, where I could in fact: LIVE.
For three remarkable years I lived a real life fantasy,
It was a fairy tale come true, our dream was a reality.

We made a connection, we had our own home,
We were social, doing things I had never known.
We had mutual friends, we dressed up, went out,
I learned what a normal happy life was really about.

It really was that I was dead for all of my years,
Until he led me to life and away from my tears.
I simply can't be where every sound, every sight,
Keeps reminding me of when life finally felt right.

No matter how I try, I simply can not go back,
Because all of the things in that life I now lack.
How can I convey the awful anguish still at play,
to friends who can't seem understand what I say?

Most people in that world are hiding and pretending
Essentially dishonest about what they are intending.
I no longer have the ability to trust, let alone energy,
To risk trying to find another rare person of honesty.

Now when I even think of logging on, I began to frown,
Such torment tears through me, I must shut it down,
So I can escape the terrible LOSS of LIFE I had found.
I'm finished, I'm done, I simply can NOT be around. (in SL)


I am not leaving the real world, or my art community, just the cyber world of
Second Life. I will be gone from SL indefinitely, while leaving ONE "bridge",
in case someday I do return.
 I just can't imagine I will ever want to be "social" in
Second Life again for a very long time.    
SL is ONLY good for a "voice chat" with my
  one important long time friend, that FYI, I met in the REAL world, where people are real!

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