Pinup Blues

Lyne's Creations copyright September 2012, All Rights Reserved

When I wake up finding that I just don't care,
I look at my feelings and I become aware.
I thought I'd made progress in this existence,
I wonder if "true love" was just a hindrance.

Depression again feels like my natural state,
from this sad place I can't seem to escape.
Though it's worse for me this time around,
Because of what I perceived I had found.

For just a fragment of time and space,
Life became a fairy tale kind of place,
With Love and laughter as the new norm,
I truly felt I had been completely reborn.

But it was nothing but a sham,
Perpetrated by that one man.

Oh I can try to "in the moment" live,
             But there is no one for me to give,                
The love that I honestly have to share,
There's no one special enough to care.
I have only myself to indulge and please,
But that fact does not my burden ease.
It's also true that I have many friends,
But that's just not the same in the end,

As having that soul mate companion.
           Now I'm back to a negative reaction,            
To love and life, as I again retire,
To quiet times that contain no fire.

I have heard told that Ignorance Is Bliss,
I quite agree, and so wish I had missed,
That interval that gave me the smallest taste,
Of love that I can't now, from my heart erase.

~ Lyne's Creations

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