Lyne's Creations copyright September 2012, All Rights Reserved


This morning THREE earthquakes hit my home,
I got so scared, I felt so much MORE alone.
There was a time, now long gone away,
That I had warm whispers in my ear to say,
Words so calming, so reassuring to me,
That even coming from far across the sea,
Somehow his sweet loving presence helped,
Because I knew he cared, he knew how I felt.

Yes, I CAN handle most things on my own,
But it's simply not the same when I am alone.
Yes, of course deep down I know I CAN deal,
With every single shake, every crisis real...
Still it is really the PITS, it's just so not fair,
how he removed his love, took away his care.

I will pick myself up and I WILL persist,
Even with quakes I will learn to coexist!
And again I will deal with fate's nasty twist,
but I think for today I WILL JUST BE PISSED!

~ Lyne's Creations