Life, Love & Syndromes

Lyne's Creations copyright September 2012, All Rights Reserved


Life, Love and Syndromes

It's very hard to live each day,
Because no matter what I do or say,
At any moment it can attack.
My body is so out of whack.

I can be going along quite fine,
when all of a sudden I will find,
My syndromes in all their complexity
Will cause pain, hot flashes, or anxiety.

I get so angry at my condition,
It takes away all of my ambition.
Pounds me down into submission.
There's no such thing as remission.

I know that others with this misery,
Live as I do, on the periphery.
We look fine, so other's often dismiss,
Our need for comfort, a hug and kiss.

The chemistry of love, in it's own way,
Could actually keep symptoms away.
So this is just one more reason why,
It is so hard to bid love goodbye.


I was born when science had no idea,
of these things we now call dyslexia,
chronic fatigue, and Fibromyalgia.
No one even had a best guess,
for what doctors now call IBS.

Damn all the years so many had to suffer,
Wherein we were forced to create a buffer,
to protect from things family, doctors said;
Quit complaining, it's all in your head!

I was told I was just lazy and stupid,
so from happiness I felt excluded.
Born when there was so much unknown,
of those things they now call syndromes.
Damn those times when we felt so alone.

BUT when all is said and done,
We might be the only one,
to acknowledge how far we've come.
So come on; say it clear and loud:

~ Lyne's Creations


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