Untouched Beauty

Lyne's Creations Copyright July 2012  All Rights Reserved


Untouched Beauty

She holds herself separate, admires the view,
Her Beauty within, is for her, not for you.

A voice from the past interrupted her quest,
Throwing her into a tailspin, like a cruel jest.

More pain and confusion than she could manage,
Sapping her strength, causing greater damage.

The world outside causes too much pain,
So her beauty untouched, will remain.

I am trying to find my balance, but sharing art (an poetry) seems the ONLY "place" I can interact right now.  There simply is no joy in other areas of my life at present. I go to Second Life only sporadically, because there is too much anxiety around it. I am trying so hard to be my own champion, but for me, that is really hard! I did find a sort of work book about healing from abandonment... so I am still trying!

The book is like no other, because it recognizes that Abandonment Grief is a specific type of grief...yet everybody feels it for so many reasons. At least I am READING it, that shows a wish to recover.... It is:

The Journey from Abandonment to Healing: Turn the End of a Relationship into the Beginning of a New Life by Susan Anderson. 

At Amazon there is a "look inside" and when I read it all, I was stunned at how it spoke to me! At the very least, it showed that my INTENSE feelings are legitimate... that people do feel the depth and range of emotions that I am going through. That helps make it all a bit less scary. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who has suffered ANY KIND of abandonment! It will change your life if you work with it!