Dealing with Grief & other Self Realizations

For the first time in my long life, I have faced real grief....this is my journey in art and words...
Links at bottom of each page for more.  There are no indexes, no page of thumbnails, just links
meandering through this period of my life. It totals 22 images I created along this journey...

The Weary Warrior

As we fight our way bravely through life's challenges, we can become bone tired and full of anguish.
We can feel so isolated on our rock in the middle of a great ocean. We can't always see the support
we have around us, but they are there. We sometimes forget the reality of our Higher Power, that is very able
 to help us conquer all of life's trials large or small, with that unlimited strength, guidance and protection for us.
I have my Higher Power soaring up from me, connecting with universal love. I have special people that I can call on,
though it takes true bravery to bare my inner struggles!

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~Book recommendation for dealing with all of life's difficult overwhelming emotions~

Childhood Issues

Broken Heart/Abandonment Grief


It has been a long hard road to even come to the point where I could face these "forbidden" emotions
and deal with them.... all these images and more can be seen in my more public gallery - where others
are allowed to comment on what I share. It has been amazing how my art connects me with others, and
my emotions connect them with their own!