My "Proud Grandma" Page!

This past summer of 2005, my Son Bill, his wife Wendy and their two wonderful daughters came
to visit me. We went to the nature reserve/park near my home, fed the wild geese by hand, and
had a great visit!  For another portrait of us girls and the geese/duck feedings: click here! :)

I cannot express how very proud I am of my hard working son, who is wise beyond his years,
 and becoming more so all the time....and his angel of a wife, who is a poet,  a "super Mom" 
and a totally loving, caring human being...and the girls, whom I know are going to
grow up into very special women, because I can see they are already well on their way!     
I love you all!  I am grateful for a beautiful day, for the
long trip you made, and that my health allowed me to enjoy every moment!

Alycia and Brittanie December 2005
(Grandma could not resist putting more of an "all year long" background
behind the girls in this wonderful photo done for their Christmas card this year!)

Brittanie was 11 ~  loves soccer and does the cutest humorous drawings!  
She has become a little interested in computer graphical design and
on a whim, she
designed a cover for the school yearbook. Her teacher was so impressed by her
work, that she made her a part of the yearbook staff and will probably use her
  design for the cover as well!
     She made Honor Roll this semester! 
Alycia was 16 ~ has learned Karate, and is so talented in the Theater Arts Department
class! (imagine doing a Shakespeare monolog!! Wow!) To be in the Drama Class she
has kept her grades WAY up.... I can't imagine all the work it must take to do all this
AND volunteer at the local youth library as a Junior Librarian!  She is enjoying her busy
teen age years,  with all that entails... like longing for a car of her own!  :)

Both girls love animals and have always had quite a menagerie around them growing up.


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