Gorilla Portrait
Lyne's Creations Copyright June 2002 All Rights Reserved

gorlportrait.jpg (51660 bytes)

The new DAZ Gorilla Model, with it's map modified by me.
Rendered in Poser 4, Post in Photoshop
I changed the brown DAZ gorilla map to black, by stages
of increasing the contrast, total de-saturation of the body
& head map (being careful not to include the tongue and
inner mouth parts).. increasing contrast again, and ultimate
darkening further with the burn tool, after I brushed out
the coat. I toned down the eyes a bit too. My goal was to
make a silverback gorilla map, because the map that comes
with the gorilla looks more like a lowland gorilla map. ( I plan
to clone out the light patch on the back of the original brown
map, & increase it's contrast to bring out the details.)  All in
all a great gorilla model!  I plan on doing some jungle pictures
as soon as I can with a whole family group of these gentle beasts.