brycescreen1.jpg (94846 bytes)
Screen Capture, no post, in Bryce 4 of my Ready Pose Goats & Sheep set.
I was experimenting with importing my new static models for vue.. in Bryce!
I thought it looked funny that the little kid was trying to butt heads with the
unconcerned sheep, in his efforts to "be like Dad"... Grin!

My Ready Pose Models import directly into Bryce 4 with maps intact,
however when there are two maps connected to a figure, like the horn &
fur maps for the goats, the figure may have to be ungrouped, the horn map
assigned to the horns, and then regroup the figure. (This does not happen
in Vue. The maps are all automatically, properly assigned during the Vue
import).  Some maps may be washed out by Bryce's lighting, so either the
map may need increased saturation, or Bryce's lighting adjusted.

My Goats can be seen in a full Vue scene (grass, plants and all!) here,
and my sheep can be seen in a full Vue scene here.