Attack of the Gnat!

Lyne's Creations Copyright September 2012  All Rights Reserved


this (poem) really happened, while I was slicing fresh baked bread...
but the image that came to mind for art, was of the gnat
 on the nose of a little girl, looking cross eyed at him... hope you enjoy!

Attack of the Gnat

You know those tiny gnats that fly,
Around you face, and in your eye?

Well last night, once again I found
another pesky gnat flying around.

Atop the fresh bread I was trying to slice,
Sat that gnat, daring me to snuff out it's life!

I tried with flailing hands this gnat to swat
But it was all in vain, he couldn't be caught!

His flight looked slow, yet he was fast,
as I tried in vain to catch his tiny ass.

I must have looked a right silly sight,
Clapping my hands with all my might.

I nearly went insane trying to kill that gnat,
Everywhere I looked, there he again sat!

He always got away, I don't know how,
I wiped a weary hand across my brow.

I suppose the only way I'll be the winner,
is if I eat that gnat along with my dinner!
                    ~ Lyne's Creations

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