Girl's Night Out
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Inspired by the "Boutique" by santuziy78 (Rendo)
the Girls (all Dawn Characters) have their night out- shopping!!

I used both Dawn SR2 and SR1 to go with some of the older character morphs-
Elisa skin by Maelwenn, Dawn Special Edition, Dawn "faces of Asia" by Virtual World,
and I dialed the 'lady of color' facial features on SR2 and used Virtual World's lovely
dark skin from her faces of Africa set.
BKC Shimmer Dress and wedge heels from RDNA, with one of the flower materials by
OOT's Mega Wardrobe slacks and little top (with parrotdolphin's materials). Lilly Heels (Rendo).
Sales girl wears Ken1117's Secretary outfit. OOT's Una & Nora hairs, Fabi's Paris & Alanis hairs.
Lully's jewelry on the African lady, Fabi's leaf life jewelry on the Caucasian girl.

It took hours of work to get every girl standing right on the floor, but I must say that
santuziy78's V4 poses work well on Dawn!! Even the hand/fingers needed very little adjustment!
I did use some of both parrotdolphins and Atenais's materials on some of the Boutique's clothes.
I used both the lighting for the Boutique and Fabi's Mild Boreal (to light the girls) lighting..

I created the 'sale sign' for the store myself, and also used some of the Boutique's posters in a
different way. I made an effort to give some depth of field with blurring in photoshop...

 as always: Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop
I could render everything in Poser in one sweep! (yes, my machine is heavy duty!)
but I did characters and racks of clothes on layers to have more control of postwork.

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