Getting Ready
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Dawn SR2 is Soraka by Enchanted Forest (Rendo)

Dress is "Long Shirt" by -supernova (with XDresser to fit to Dawn) (Rendo)

This dress is what started the whole set- I was determined to fit it on
Dawn (Plus I've always dreamed of living right on the coast)
and when I was successful (not everything crossdresses well) I had to
get Rena's: Spring Breeze for the Long Shirt by renapd  (Rendo)

The dress does not pose easily so her poses are by me.
(most merchant poses are 'too sexy'- meaning they slant and twist
the hip and pelvis areas, and move the legs in extreme side to side ways,
and the skirt part did not 'like that'.... still, I love the dress! I will be trying
to get IT'S own morph ported over to my new cr2, and then it may work
better for those extreme poses).

OOT's Nora Hair (fitted to Dawn by me, it's easy!)  (Rendo)
OOT's hair is so silky gorgeous, I went a little nuts buying more of them.
I find fitting hair to Dawn manually is easy.  :)

DM's Heels for Dawn (have NO idea why they are no longer
for sale at Rendo, they are really nice!!! I colored the white
version pink to match, via Poser's material room.)

Scene is set in STZ Bedroom 3 by santuziy78  (Rendo)
(love this room with it's balcony!)  I actually changed the
balcony's doors that open to a 'sliding door' in post... ;)
I also 'painted' the walls pink via Poser's material room-
very easy just chose a color for the white walls. :)

Her friends are the HiveWire Housecat- one with my Travis Freebie texture,
one with the Orange tabby by CWRW.  House cat Poses by CGcubed came with the cat!

Background (and in the framed painting on the wall) is from
Mediterranean Beach Vistas By: ShaaraMuse3D and HolyWonderWorld (Rendo)

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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