Gazing Across the Sea
Copyright Lyne's Creations January 2017 ~ All Rights Reserved

A life I Once Wished
(poem inspired by this art piece)

Standing out on my balcony,      
Gazing out across the sea,     
With thoughts of things that used to be,
An impossible love between you and me.

Shattered dreams still reside in my heart,
Leftover to be expressed in words and art,
Now I just retreat to places inside my head,
Vowing never again, will I be misled.

It was just an illusion with no reality.
But once in a while, I still can see,    
A life I once wished could really be.   
~Lyne's Creations                            

Dawn SR2 is Soraka by Enchanted Forest (Rendo)

Dress is "Long Shirt" by -supernova (with XDresser to fit to Dawn) (Rendo)
Spring Breeze for the Long Shirt by renapd  (Rendo)
OOT's Nora Hair (fitted to Dawn by me, it's easy!)  (Rendo)
DM's Heels for Dawn
Scene is set in STZ Bedroom 3 by santuziy78  (Rendo)
The HiveWire Housecat- one with my Travis Freebie texture,
one with the Orange tabby by CWRW.  House cat Poses by CGcubed came with the cat!

Background (and in the framed painting on the wall) is from
Mediterranean Beach Vistas By: ShaaraMuse3D and HolyWonderWorld (Rendo)

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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