Vue of the Gazelle Water Hole
Copyright Lyne's Creations April '01
All Rights Reserved

gazellewater.jpg (122937 bytes)

I understand there are two schools of thought for rendering Vue images. One is the strict
"No post render of any kind" school, and the other is that post is okay.  I find that I am
the latter. I love how Vue gives me a nearly perfect image, that need so little touch up,
but I do like to add some tiny post render things, probably hardly noticeable. I used the clone
tool to bleed the wet mud into the dry for a softer transition. I added the eagle as a copy-
paste post addition, due to time constraints. I put tiny puffs of dust at the heels of the galloping
gazelles, and a little bit of white droplets of water around the drinking gazelles. Other than
those things, this is "true vue"!! I truly love this program, and am enjoying learning my way
around in it!  This is the very first attempt at water in Vue, too!   :)

I am happy that a project that took me so many months finally came to fruition just as Vue 3
came into my life..... a "real" world for the Gazelle (and impalas) models I worked for so long on.
It was my goal to make them as realistically mapped and as anatomically correct as possible.

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