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The minute I modeled this bottle in InfiniD, I "saw" the image of the genie escaping . My beloved
cat, Punkin became her companion.  I enjoy being able to make "real" three dimensional clothing
for my Poser figures in Bryce. The genie's clothes are made from Bryce lattice forms, that I created
"new" in the terrain editor. How? Well, study your figure, and think of each area as a separate piece
of clothing.  For example- I made one long, fat, snake like lattice form for each leg.   I 'painted' the
shape in the editor, smoothed it quite a bit, and then spent hours positioning it on her leg. Remember
that it is all an illusion anyway, so if the pant leg does not cover the back of her leg, who cares!
(this assumes that you don't animate) I continued to painstakingly create each pant leg, each
part of the blouse, and place them in the scene.  Once they were placed, I applied a material, turned
up the transparency of that material, and there it was- her genie clothes.  (with some touch up and
cloning done in Photoshop later, on the pants stomach area, etc.)  It is always trial and error, taking a
LOT of patience, for every piece of 3D Bryce clothing that I make. There is no formula, as
every figure is different.