For The Love of the Lions
aka Returning Home
*inspired by the most recent Tarzan movie*
Copyright Lyne's Creations August 2018 ~ All Rights Reserved

Thanks to Chris, Paul and Laurie (CWRW) at HiveWire for giving us this treasure of perfection:
The Lion Family models... just nothing surpasses the talent here!!
Songbird Remix Ken's African Goshawk, ant lines,
Common Speckled Flunky Moth-
and Red-billed oxpeckers.... Ron's bird brushes for very distant raptors. 
Various lion poses, modified by me, slight edge brushing especially of their chin hair in post.

After trying to use Michael 4 and the SAV Eros morph and skin, (because it looks so much
like the actor that played the most recent Tarzan, and who looks so very pale-skinned British)
I gave up- M4 is just SO "un-pose-able"... so I Texture Transformed the skin to Dusk, and re-posed
him as you see-His pants are the Dusk Skinny Jeans (with the "loosen all" applied) and a dark
grey texture from parrotdolphin's Dark materials for poser. His hair is the Mitchell hair by SAV

Flink's Ultimate ground with LisaB's ever present (often used) Simmering Summer ground cover
modified by me...grasses added (honestly can't remember which models I used for the grass now,
since I render and save as png's to use often...I modify the color of the grass and give it shadows
to match the ground cover color...all done in photoshop.

PhotoGG's often used sky/cloud backgrounds - Piles of Cotton - found at HiveWire

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights (Rendo) & Photoshop

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