Forest Pool
copyright Lyne's Creations June 2003  All Rights Reserved

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Rendered totally in Poser 4 with RDNA Microcosm, & Old Wood tree!
I also used Traveler's Props Club Mushroom house and Leaf boat,
Noggins dragonfly,my little birds & cottontail rabbit. The plants are RDNA
"grasslands"!  Lighting was created with the RDNA "outdoor lights" collection.
This is also my first Poser pool of water that I am happy with... I did toss in a
few old Zygote bass, and the "pool" water ripples just happened to coincide
with my placement of two of the fish! :)  A happy accident! I did the teeniest
bit of post at the water's edge to soften where the water plane meets the terrain.

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