The Hell of Being Sick

Lyne's Creations Copyright December 2012  All Rights Reserved

I have no doubt that others with chronic illness/pain feel the same way as I do...
pain just really takes it out of anyone.  So this is also a "sympathy hug" to fellow sufferers!
  This type of "art" is all I feel up to for now. It is nice and distracting, yet I am expressing....
and yes I have my furry buddy in real life... he is a great comfort!

The Hell of Being Sick

Everything I must do to help myself get well,
Helps, yet hurts, so my suffering I can't quell.
This is why my becoming sick is a pure hell,
I'm angry that in illness I am forced to dwell.

A nebulizer clears my lungs so that I can breath,
But gives a headache and I shake with unease.
Goldenseal is an anti-viral, an antihistamine,
Yet creates hot flashes, along with IBS pain.

Further I must drink so many glasses of water,
That this also creates more IBS tummy torture.
I can't discern what is the syndrome or the virus,
But living through this is life's horrid unkindness!

Pain pills are an automatic cough suppressant,
So they semi-defeat the effects of expectorants,
Thus it's back to more water and my nebulizer,
I struggle so hard to find the magic equalizer.

It's one day at a time, as I continue my fight,
Praying and hoping that I am doing it right,
Because traveling to the office of my doctor,
Being near more illness is a serious factor!

I've found just one pain free relief, it does seem,
When life is this hard I do a really peculiar thing,
I seem to generate happy sweet loving dreams.

Last night I was held in a cuddle, but on a ledge,
So even in good dreams I am on the very edge.
Thus I am always in this sort of survival mode,
As I journey along my life's very difficult road.

For a short while, "true love" gave me such an assist,
Then that removed so only survival mode persists.
Constant pain leaves my feelings raw and revealing,
All I can do is wait and wait and long for my healing.
And no matter how silly that it may seem,
SLEEP more in hopes of love in a dream!