Flower Fairies

 Copyright Lyne's Creations October 2013  All Rights Reserved

Mother Nature's little emissaries,
Are her busy little flower fairies,
When ever they come around,
Fields of rich colors do abound!

and my main poem:


(dedicated to a special friend, who has inspired me
a lot over the years! She knows who she is!)

Where do you find your inspiration?
I find it in movies of 3D animation!
With vivid colors and hyper reality,
It's so enchanting to the artist in me!

Additionally I seek out true to life stories,
of rising above in all sorts of glories,
Also I love the world's natural scenery,
Making me feel peaceful, I sigh serenely.

Or sometimes it's listening to an audio book,
Resting my eyes, I can let my imagination look,
At images, places and people created by me,
It's like a collaboration with the author, you see!

Or call a friend, have a chat on the phone,
It always makes me feel much less alone!
So look and you can find inspiration every day,
Adding to your life, helping you to find your way!
~Lyne's Creations

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