Feline Fashion
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HW's Dawn SR2-SE .... I'm not sure what face morph I ended up with...
I did (and often do) tweak the face, ears, etc. using Chris's wonderful dials!
I had started out wanting to use SAV's Maraki character for Dawn, but the
body had no SSS materials...it SAYS SSS for the body but somehow
I kept loosing the SSS for all but the face when I tried the expansion pack?! 
Finally I gave up and resorted to using Dawn SE, but hand applying each
Maraki body part map, so I could use the excellent SSS that comes with DAWN SE.
It also took some poser and photoshop work to match her nails to her lipstick.

She wears Lully's Peacock Dress -with it's skirt made invisible, & Peacock Skirt (HW) -
with Atenais's Delicate Meshes Poser materials (Rendo) I did change the shade of Blue,
of the mesh design I chose, in potoshop. I often change the shades/hues of materials this
way to get just the look I want.

I also used the nice 'panties' that HW's Chris made to go with a short dress.
Her hair is Fabiana's Rhapsody hair and the matching MonTreillage earrings/rings
Her pose started out as one of ilona's Sinful Treasures Poses for Dawn, then I
tweaked the arms, hands and head/neck for this piece. (Hair, jewelry and poses - Rendo)

The Leopard is from HW. I brushed out the edges of his fur in photoshop,
plus I brushed out the edges of nearly every spot on the animal to add to it's
fur realism. (not too much work with my fun tablet-pen!). It did take some
time to get the cat's legs and tail rendered separately, so I could brush them
out on their own layer, so as not to mess with the clothing. In Poser, I made
Dawn invisible, as well as parts of the cat, so I could isolate it's legs/tail/whiskers to render.

The Leopard's pose is from Daio's Jungle Life set, tweaked a bit. (HW)

The floor is Fabi's Essential Floor materials applied to a plane (Rendo)

The background is an old Spanish Courtyard I got at DAZ

The palms and pots are LisaB's (HW) with Fabi's Essential Pottery material applied (Rendo)

The beautiful flower is Jaguarwoman's "Bird Of Paradise" 2D painted flowers. I just
laid the leaf and flower down, warped the stems, leaf shape a bit, and gave it a reflection
via photoshop by duplicating it's layer and turning it's opacity way down.
(from  Jaguarwoman's own on-line store)

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights & Photoshop

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