Favorite Links
Updated January 20013

3D Programs & 3D Resources (freebies!)  (please note:  resource sites have wonderful art too!)

3D Art Galleries  Bryce, Vue, Poser, and lots more!

Animal Concerns Wolves, Wild horses.....

Miscellaneous Links - Categories which include:

My Favorite Forums (one is for Sci Fi and Fantasy Fans! :)

My Daughter in law's Lord of the Rings Trading card site!

Children's Story Writing and Learning Site with "story starters" and pictures to go with the stories!

My Favorite Web hosting and e-mail service company!

The one Search Engine listing service I use and really like!

Fractal Programs

Equator Crossings!


TV -3D & SciFi shows

Misc. Great Stuff ! (includes my daughter-in-law's Family (her fascinating interests, poetry and more! plus my grand daughter's sites:  Jeff Corwin & Blue's Clues!)

Helpful Information sites


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