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HiveWire's new Big Cat- Leopard is such a thrill to use... here I created my African Centaur Lady
(although, yes, I know- 'centaur' is the term for half horse/half human...not sure what the feline term would be)
I love the challenge of combining Dawn (With Virtual World's Faces of Africa) with the leopard... Her hair is by
"Frizzy Short Hair for Dawn" by ile-avalon (it's quite resource heavy, so brought it into Poser after my final sized
render, then did an area render to add this wonderful hair - darkened via the material room by me)  For her clothes
I used the top from the Tribal Witch by Hal1 (HiveWire) and Dusk's Loin Cloth - both items "placed", not conformed.
 Just disable the item's Cast Shadows, and it looks like it's actually on the figure!
Two reasons for doing this are when an item does not have the body morphs in it I want to use, or the clothing is
not made for the figure I'm using it on. )   After all, it's all an illusion anyway, right?  ;)
I used the Loin cloth's leather texture (map and material settings) on the top, but had to do a lot of color adjusting
in Photoshop... I applied one of parrotdolphin's leathers from her Dark Materials for poser to the top part.
I made the top's metal 'necklace' invisible, and substituted the wider necklace -  
The neck ornament, earrings and bracelet are all from kobaltkween
's  African Wear 2 for Dawn.
Dawn's and both cat's poses are by me.  She's holding a Zulu spear from an older set I downloaded from
Vanishing Point a long while ago - by Panko. These African Weapon Freebies are very well made and textured!

I created the background by using the old DAZ Cyclorama's original jpg image (the top half of the background)
and then putting LisaB's Simmering Summer - Sandy jpg image onto Flink's Ultimate ground. I changed the green
grasses on that ground texture to the dead grass coloring in Photoshop...then added LisaB's Tall Grass (color adjusted
in post also), some of Flink's weeds and some old Reed Grass from RDNA warped to match bend in the wind
 showing on the cyclorama's image background... Various blurring for distance, sharpening on the foreground ground
and plants... I added the shadow of the cats/Dawn via my technique in Photoshop....

Last but NEVER least - I added the African Goshawk and White Browed Scrub Robin from Ken's Africa bird sets!

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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