Fall Day
Copyright Lyne's Creations October 2001
All Rights Reserved

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Harvey Mann's new 3D Worlds Core Kit  at Renderosity and his Cleo
Power Hair for Vicky (it is for the P4 woman also) along with the poser
dog morph and map of my basset.  I added the fall branches from a Vue3
render against a white background, in photoshop, just to provide a reason
for all those lovely fall leaves in Harvey's grass/fall leaves map! I have not
had time to try bringing a tree into poser... still getting to know how the
Worlds work. Vicky is the original Victoria, and has her basic (no texture)
shirt and slacks on. I just added a little texture to her shirt in photoshop.
She is so new to my library, I have not gathered her wardwrobe yet! :)
Harvey's Cleo hair is going to be a mainstay of my vicky ladies... so many
styles and colors! You can find the basset morph & map at PlanIT3d!

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