The Evil Queen
Copyright Lyne's Creations August 2015  All Rights Reserved
(a labor of love, inspired by the ABC show Once Upon A Time,
my version of The Evil Queen- Regina)

HiveWire's Dawn Special Edition Character, (skin and morph by Virtual World) with a bit
of my custom dialing, to try and look more like the actress who plays this character.
I darkened the brows myself on the map. Expression dialed by me.
She wears Fabiana's Rhapsody Hair, the Neck Allure collar (Renderosity)
and the dynamic dress 01 by Lully from HiveWire
The apple earring is from an older product that used to be sold in my store by SnowFire Graphics
Produce set 1, with the apple warped more into the shape of a "delicious apple" the Queen prefers. :)
Background is Beautiful Gothic by Sveva

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