Evening Tranquillity
Copyright Lyne's Creations November 2017 ~ All Rights Reserved

Mourning Dove by Flint_Hawk (HW)
Savage Dawn outfit (top, bottom and necklace)
with horn and Spear by Ken1171 (HW)
OOT's Nox hair (DAZ) I used some of the Savage Dawn-Fur texture on it's hair band
I "post-worked brushed" the fur on both the hair's head band and her outfit.

HW Big Cat- Leopard (@ Rendo too)
with it's hair edges 'brushed' via post
Frog, birds And New Dragonfly by Ken Gilliland (HW)

Ground is (again, used a LOT) LisaB's Simmering Summer ground texture (HW)
on Flink's Ultimate Ground (Rendo) It's so easy to change the ground grass color
in Photoshop to suite the environment I'm creating!

"Diamond Skies" & "Hang the Moon" sets by PhotoGG (HW)

TIP/Trick for the sky showing between the clouds, in Photoshop
I did the following:
1. Select some of the lighter area of skies between clouds

2. Select - Similar

3. Selection - Modify - set Feather to 3

4. View- UN-check "extras" so you can see the changes better

5. Go to Filter - Blur - Average!

6. IMPORTANT:  FADE AVERAGE to  taste.... (ie: reduce about 70 - 75% or to the look you prefer...
 full Average is not quite right for the edges of clouds, etc. Pull back on it until things look right).

I also used George's PDF to get the moon to blend in with the sky...fun to use both sets like this!

I added shadows in Photoshop ~ Click for my Free Action for cast shadow
& How to Create Your Own Shadow in Photoshop. :)

water created with Flaming Pear's Flood Filter

as always: Fabiana's Lights (Warm&Soul with one extra colored Rim Light) in Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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