Dwarven Dragonrider
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*Warning! Very Large image-you may have to use your
browser's zoom % level, but details are worth it!  :)

Sorry but to get the level of detail for every aspect, I had to make this image super-large!

With this image, one thing led to another... I originally wanted to create an homage to the Michael Whalen Dragon
art on the Anne McCaffrey Pern novels... and I wanted to use a huge version of "Piccolo" - the dragon from RDNA.
Welll... Piccolo was created a very long time ago, and the textures do not hold up for a enlarged/close up of this
wonderful "fire lizard" size model (the small dragons here are Piccolo)... so saving my Dusk Dragon rider on the
"Tawhak" saddle (Dragon/saddle from DAZ) I replaced my large Piccolo with the Mil Dragon 2 (NOT the look I
wanted, but oh well). I had also made a totally white dragon 'texture' version, then I used Photoshop's hue/Sat and
"colorized" him to this pale gold, changing the eye's hue also. It was a massive post-work undertaking to make the
saddle strap/girths from pieces of the saddle's straps, than shadowing it all to sit on the dragon and fit around his neck.

I sat Dusk on the saddle, and both dialed and used it's morphs to make the stirrup strap fit Dusk's leg. BUT! While
Dusk's legs were originally correct (not shortened) the CAMERA ANGLE together with the post work I did to make
the bottom of the tunic look right (the bending up of Dusk's thigh caused the tunic bottom to bell up and out),
I somehow got a very foreshortened look to Dusk's leg... I kept thinking his body looked "off" but my dyslexic brain
did not register exactly what was wrong until after all that post work. Now by this time, 
I was really tired of this art piece, using the "wrong" dragon and I just wanted to finish it...
 I decided that he is a Dwarven Dragon rider!  So I finished by adding the "Realm of Kings" background 
(actually enlarged for my use here, then blurred for distance) by Svevea.

I added another Piccolo in the farthest distance (as a 'huge' dragon, but very far away) and some of Ron's Bird brushes
raptors to complete my piece... which of course "named itself" by now...

Dusk is "Rodrigo" by CWRW (HiveWire) and his clothes are the Fantasy Ranger M4 set by Xurge. Sometimes I Cross-
dress clothing, but in this case I simply  conformed and made Dusk's body parts invisible. The gloves were problematic.
Conforming them distorts them a lot, so I had to use the cross-dressed version, which did not come out all that well for the
pose. (I have no idea what pose I started with, and them modified for this piece... I think the Everyday poses by Paul that
come with Dusk. (and I used the original Dusk for Rodrigo, not Dusk SE). His hair comes WITH Rodrigo, I just brushed
it out.  Oh and I did re-texture the saddle, using parrotdolphin's dark (leather) mats that I had also color-tweaked.


as always: Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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